Blacktail Canyon Flute

Blacktail-96 2Blacktail Canyon in the Grand Canyon—steep, quiet, beautiful acoustics.  500 million year old Tapeats sandstone sits directly atop 1.75 billion year old metamorphic gneiss (on which I stand) leaving a 1.2 billion year gap in the geologic record.  After seven days of paddling through the wonder drifting ever deeper into an altered state, I pulled my kayak onto the Blacktail Beach.  In the waning light of the evening of 9/7/97 I hiked into the familiar canyon carrying only my flute and a tiny recorder and played all night.  The tapes and morning after photo recently resurfaced in an old shoebox as I prepare for a 4 day hike/recording session into that portion of the canyon.  Here is a 75 minute slice of the music that flowed through me there 18 years ago.