I am 66 years old. Thirty six years ago my wife and business partner, Susan Livermore, and I moved to Ribera, NM, gathered stones, felled trees, made adobes, built our house, founded Christopher Thomson Ironworks, and adopted twin infant daughters.

I am an artist-blacksmith  metal sculptor. Often my work starts out improvised before being refined into final form. I’m not necessarily consciously aware of why I make what I do, what it will eventually look like, or what issues it is addressing but I trust the directions it leads and that is the fun of it. My inspiration comes largely from the process of forging hot steel. It also comes from the wild Cerrito Amarillo Canyon of the Pecos River just below my studio, flute improvisations, geometrical explorations, kayaking adventures, water color painting, and teaching.
Christopher Thomson


Born New York City

Graduated Colorado Rocky Mountain School, in Carbondale, Colorado; learned beginning
blacksmithing from Francis Whittaker

Attended Swarthmore College, studied engineering and pottery

Studied at Pottery Northwest in Seattle, WA.

Studied pottery with master potter Marguerite Wildenhain at Pond Farm Pottery in Guerneville, CA.

As a conscientious objector to the participation in war served as a houseparent for emotionally disturbed teenage boys at the Ming Quong Children’s Center in Los Gatos, CA. Earned certification as a child care specialist.

Studied jazz and classical composition and performance at Cabrillo College, Santa Cruz, California

Moved to NM Married Susan Livermore

1956-present Classical flute education, improvised flute music



1985-present Marketing Director, Christopher Thomson Ironworks

1989 Kyra and Justine, our twin daughters, were born

1988-9 Attended Santa Fe Community College/Business Focus

1985 Founded Christopher Thomson Ironworks Studio

1980 Married Christopher Thomson, Ribera, NM

1973-1980 Scrimshaw Jewelry Artist

1971 Began drawing and painting

1971-Present Explored all painting media, but prefer watercolor

Attended art classes Santa Cruz Community College, CA;
life drawing classes Monterey, CA and Ribera, NM;
art classes UNM, Albuquerque

1971 Graduated University of Miami, Coral Gables, Florida
B.A., History and Education

1967 Attended Western College for Women, Oxford, Ohio

1966 Diploma, Carnegie High School, Carnegie, Pennsylvania

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